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Thomas Jones

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date: -- 4/24/22 -- mood: hungry song: watching some shit on youtube.. Hey buds. I ain't wrote in a minute but, I am here! I fucking went to Portland with the kid and the man and I got super sick on the way! Omg! I thought I was gonna die. LOL. But, we were driving to I had to just stick it out pretty much lol. Fever and shit. I just really pushed thru the sick and made sure I at least got to see that big ass waterfall because, I really wanted to lol. Dez was just happy to goto Portland but, omg he forgot his Ipad too so, it was even harder. Imagine a 32-hour road trip w/ a 8-year old w/no ipad w/ the flu. LOL! I feel like I am still decompressing from all that lol. I had a good time nonetheless. Oh and I also had drama with my Airbnb host for the first time and he left a nasty ass review, and I was like damn. I wrote mines first, and I was like I'm gonna be nice even though we had some miscommunications. And he flamed my ass! I couldn't even re-write mines. I was so mad. He was like making me pay the pet fee in cash when I got there, and I was like ok chill because, I'm sick it's raining like we just don't carry cash on us like that, and he just kept pressing the issue as if I didn't just pay hella money for the Airbnb. Like no one Trina run out on your stinky ass $50. He came down stairs and shit knocking on the door, and he was so mean. Other than that I just been home and vibing. Cleaning and shit. My kid gets here in a couple hours so, I'm be on that mom mode waking up at 6:30am getting him to school. I feel like the last 2 weeks I had him he had no school. So, I just get so used to no waking up early. Hopefully I can stay up this week instead of coming home and going back to be lol. I am gonna really push to finish this redesign of soon. I keep re-making it over and over and everytime it just looks like the hold page lol. I can't help it.

Macroblank Knocking The Door

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date: -- 11/10/21 -- mood: vibing hard song: John Holt - Strange Things Welcome back, me. LOL! There's hella kids in my house right now. 5 to be exact. They are all just running around and I'm just playing some old school reggae loud. Tis' a vibe. Reminds me of my old place. I would just have the door wide open playing music and kids just running in and out. It is very healing for myinner child to just create a chill environment for the kids. I was just reflecting and told my kid about some things that happened to me when I was a kid. My childhood was absolutely dreadful until' I was 10 years old. Then it went back to shit when I was 13. Smh. But, those 3 years are still to this day an anchor for me to look back with some peace. Now I make my own peace so, I'm good. So, far being single has been chill. I never really been a lonely person. I like being alone and being by myself is fun for me. Plus, maybe I'll have some more time to spend with my discord homies again like in the beginning of quarantine. I have my surgery on Saturday morning and my mom comes on Friday. I'm excited to hang with my mom even though she annoys the crap out of me sometimes. She's sucha worry wart. Last time she came down here she freaked out because, I sprayed some perfume in the bathroom after I pooped and she said it was making her sick, and she literally got in her car immediately and drove 6 hours back home....... Like..... Ok. Anyways, I'm nervous for my nose job. I wonder if I'll have big ass black eyes or whatever. Kinda of a look tbh. I never thought I'd be getting boob jobs and nose jobs but, HEY when in Rome do as the Romans do. I'll be around. Holla. Also if you ever wanna comment or reply to a post you can use my guestbook on my main page. 041b061a72


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