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Ism Book By Pawan Kalyan Pdf Downloadl

ISM Book by Pawan Kalyan PDF Download

ISM is a book co-authored by Indian actor and politician Pawan Kalyan and his friend Raja Raviteja. It was launched in 2014 as the ideology of Jana Sena Party, a political party founded by Pawan Kalyan. The book is based on the social wellbeing and social justice as the point of focus, and is entrenched with philosophical values. ISM is nothing but the following of good that prevails in the thoughts of a human being, according to the authors.

The book has 12 chapters and 145 pages, and covers various topics such as idealism, nationalism, patriotism, secularism, democracy, corruption, education, health, environment, economy, foreign policy, and social responsibility. The book also contains a personal note from Pawan Kalyan, where he shares his quest for an ideology that makes a person live without fear. He says that he examined various ideologies such as communism, separatism, casteism, and religionism, but could not find an appropriate solution to his problem. He says that ISM is his attempt to create an ideology that is based on truth and goodness.

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The book was unveiled at Visakhapatnam on March 27, 2014, in a public meeting attended by thousands of people. The book received positive response from the fans and followers of Pawan Kalyan, who hailed it as a revolutionary and inspirational work. The book also generated curiosity and debate among the political circles and the media, who analysed its contents and implications for the future of Indian politics.

The book is available for free download in PDF format from various websites. However, the authors have requested the readers to buy the original copy from the official website of Jana Sena Party or from any authorized book store. The authors have also stated that they do not intend to make any profit from the book sales, and that all the proceeds will be used for social causes.

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We hope you enjoy reading ISM book by Pawan Kalyan PDF download and learn more about his vision and mission for India.


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