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Buy Hola Bcn Card At Airport

Q: Is it possible to purchase the Barcelona Card at BCN airport? I have read I can buy the card online and pick it up from the airport however what is best, to buy it online or to buy it at the airport?

buy hola bcn card at airport

A: You can purchase your Barcelona Card at the BCN airport without having to purchase it online before your trip. You can buy your card at any of the airport tourist information offices during operating hours. You can find out what the operating hours are by visiting the following pages. We have given a link for each tourist office depending on which terminal you will be arriving at:

1. If you purchase online there are sometimes discounts over the price at the airport. It is therefore worth checking online first to see if you can get a better price online. Once you purchase your card online you then print out your voucher which is sent to you via email and hand it to the staff at any of the tourist offices at Barcelona airport and they will give you your Barcelona Card.

It is important however to be aware that the Barcelona Card is valid the moment you first use it and only until 00:00 Midnight of the same day it is activated. This will count as one day. Therefore it is worth considering if you should use your Barcelona Card for paying for transport from the airport if you are arriving late at night as you would have spent 1 day of your Barcelona card day simply for paying for the transport from the airport. It may be worth paying for the transport from the airport and then activating your card the next day so that you have a full day's worth of use.

The Hola Barcelona Travel Card also includes the metro from and to the T1 and T2 of the Airport of Barcelona to the city centre. Without the Hola Barcelona Travel Card you would need to pay an extra fare to catch the metro from Barcelona airport.

The Hola Barcelona Travel Card is valid unlimitedly once your purchase it. It means that you can purchase the card online well in advance of your trip and keep the confirmation for as long as you want. The card will be activated after you use it for the first time.

If you buy the Hola Barcelona Travel Card online using the links we have provided and would like to cancel your booking because you will not use the pass, you will be able to cancel your booking and receive a full refund to your credit card.

  • Advantatges of the Hola Barcelona Travel Card All the journeys you need for 2 days at one price.

  • Hola Barcelona Travel Card covers travel between the airport and the city centre on public transport.

  • Changeovers between different travel operators: metro, Montjuïc funicular, bus (TMB), urban railway (FGC, Zone 1), tram (TRAM) and Barcelona regional mainline trains (Rodalies de Catalunya, Zone 1). Montjuïc Cable Car not included.

  • Where can I get them? You can buy Hola Barcelona Travel Card online and get 10% off. You can also buy it at the Hola Barcelona Store, located in the L3 lobby os the catalunya metro station or buy them from vending machines and Punt TMB customer service centres in the metro, or from Tourist Information Offices around the city.

  • If you buy online or at Hola Barcelona Store, change your voucher for travel cards at machines in the metro.

  • How it works You can start using your Hola Barcelona Travel Card at any time of day and get unlimited journeys over 48 hours on Barcelona public transport.

  • Hola Barcelona Travel Card are valid for one person only.

  • Unvalidated cards expire on 28 February of the year following purchase.

  • To use your card, validate it at the beginning of every journey. Try to keep it in perfect condition.

The Hola is not recommended. Expensive and not worth the money, as you have to do lots of journeys in public transport. Our recommendation is to buy a T 10 card, which is also valid to go to/from the Airport by train Rodalies R2 North, and regular bus #46. It has 10 journeys, can be shared up to 10 people, just insert it as many times as people are, valid on all transports (the HolaBCN isn't valid on night buses), free transfers allowed between different types of transport.

You can buy a T-10 card at the Rodalies train station at Terminal 2 (free shuttle bus between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2). You just need 1 zone. It isn't valid for Metro L9 Sud but it is valid for Rodalies R2 North from Terminal 2 and regular bus #46.

You can use your Hola Barcelona Travel Card at any time of day and get unlimited journeys over 48, 72, 96 or 120 hours from the first validation. The card is also valid for metro journeys from Barcelona Airport to the city centre and vice versa

With the Hola Barcelona Travel Card you can make as many journeys as you like on all lines of the metro (Metro), the city buses (TMB), the tram (Tram), the light rail (FGC, Zone 1), the Montjuïc funicular railway and the regional or suburban railway (Rodalies de Catalunya, Zone 1).This zone includes almost all the sights of the city of Barcelona and El Prat airport.

We will email you a voucher with a personalised code. This code can then be used to collect your travel card at any metro station. Only Hola Barcelona offers this service. Save yourself the cost of postage and avoid the queues.

The Airport webpage above says the Metro operates Monday-Friday from 5:00 a.m. until midnight, and Saturday-Sunday 24 hours/day. Because the airport website is a secondary source, I would check the Metro's website for current opening times at the time of your trip.

The Barcelona Card (also known as the Barcelona City Card) is a smartcard that offers free entry to over 25 museums and attractions and discounted offers on over 70 sites and attractions in Barcelona (museums, cultural attractions, entertainment, tours, shopping, restaurants, etc.). It includes skip the line access at some sites.

Additionally, the card includes a number of restaurant and shopping discounts, entertainment discounts (e.g., flamenco shows), and rental discounts (e.g., bike, scooter, and locker rentals) throughout the city. See the full list of attractions and discounts here.

The Barcelona Card is a great general discount card for those who plan to visit a number of attractions while in Barcelona, and also plan to use public transportation as their primary means of travel within the city. It is easy to save with the Barcelona Card if you use it a lot during your trip.

The Go City Barcelona Pass is a visitor card that offers free entry to over 40 Barcelona attractions and tours. It also allows skip the line access to several attractions as well as a free 1-day Hop on Hop Off Bus Tour ticket. It also includes several discounts to local restaurants and entertainment venues as well as a free Barcelona guidebook.

Although the Barcelona Card, Go City Barcelona Pass, and Barcelona Art Passport are four of the most popular passes, there are additional discount cards and travelcards that visitors may want to consider.

If you are not purchasing a Barcelona Card or Pass that includes transport, you may want to consider purchasing a transport card if you plan to use a lot of public transportation in Barcelona. You might also want to consider pre-booking a sightseeing bus or airport transfer:

Hopefully the above post has helped you decide whether a Barcelona discount card will help you save money and time on your trip to Barcelona, and helped you decide which Barcelona card is the best fit for you!

So for the Barcelona City Pass, you have a choice and need to select the Sagrada Familia option (the basic option, guided tour, tower + audioguide, etc.). The basic option is the least expensive (but the one with the least availability) and the other options are a bit more expensive. Similarly, you will need to choose whether you want to have the hop-on hop-off sightseeing bus for 1 day or 2 days which will change the cost, with the 2 day ticket being more expensive. The Park Guell and airport transfer tickets are the same across the passes.

Yes, anything denoted as an airport transfer in Barcelona is likely a bus as it is a bus service, normally the Aerobus, that provides transfers directly to and from the airport to central Barcelona. If it says it is included as part of the pass, that means it is free. If it says there is a discount, then it is discounted.

So for the Barcelona City Pass, you do have a choice of date and time for Sagrada Familia and Park Guell. However, both are subject to availability and there is less availability for the basic tour (they currently are only selling these for the afternoon/evening times at last check) and more for the audioguide, tower, and guided tour options which are available all day. Currently, before you buy the Barcelona City Pass, you choose date of arrival (for airport transfer if needed), you select the date you want to visit Sagrada Familia and it will list the available tour types for that date. Then after you purchase, you will choose a specific time for Sagrada Familia and can request what date and time you want to visit Park Guell.

Hi Jessica & Laurence,Thank you for such an extensive explanation on each pass details and compering chart, but for people like me it is not enough ?We are visiting Barcelona in September for 7 nights, staying in Gothic Quarter, with NO car renting and planed the following: from /to airport (BCN) transit, use public transportation during out stay, visit Casa Mila, Casa Punxe, Casa Batllo, Sagrada Familia and park Guell, take a trip to Girona (Figueres and Dali), trip to Montserrat and take a day trip by train to one maybe two of the beaches , please recommend one from Tarragona, Sant Pol de Mar, Besalu?? Picasso museum is on the list as well. Please advise which pass is more suitable for out plan and Girona and Montserrat trips should we book full or halve day trips.Thank you in advance,Svetlana 041b061a72


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