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Cheats Codes For Halo !FULL!

This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Halo: Combat Evolved for PC. If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction, please click EDIT and add it.

Cheats Codes For Halo

...should have come up. Those are the projectiles for each weapon. So lets say you want a needler to shoot pistol... well all you basically need to do is switch the projectiles huh... exactly but there are 2 ways to do this. I find the easiest way is to copy and paste the META (numbers) in the top left. So to make the needler shoot pistol you would copy the pistols META and paste it into the needlers META then click save and your done. And before you try out your mod on halo you need to make sure that you press close map file at the bottom otherwise halo will freeze. But wait there is a second way: you can click on swap next to the projectiles META and then choose the projectile you want it to shoot then again press save and close the map file.

This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Halo: Combat Evolved for Xbox. If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction, please click EDIT and add it.

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before I tell you any of these cheats you should know that for each cheat you complete you should hear a release of air kind of like a cryotube opening and. you need to be really really really fast at these cheats or they wont work. now its really hard to do these cheats... why? because Microsoft really doesn't want anyone to figure out these hidden cheats. the first cheat isUnlock all Armor (Spartan)On he main menu push A,B,Y,A,Y,B,B,X, spin the right joystick clockwise once, now on the d-pad push DOWN, UP, A.Unlock all Campaign LevelsOn the first playable level in the campaign when the video stars hold LEFT on the left joystick. Then when you are walking against a wall or whatever is blocking you (just make sure you hold left and are not moving) push Y,X,A,X,B, LEFT (D-pad) DOWN, UP, LEFT, LEFT TRIGGER, RIGHT TRIGGER A,B,B.Unlock 999,999,999 CreditsYou will have to be on the last level of the campaign.Once there, hold LEFT TRIGGER and RIGHT BUMPER. Then continue to type in this code.............On the D-pad,UP, DOWN, LEFT, LEFT, UP, DOWN, LEFT, DOWN, UP, DOWN, A,A,Y,X, X,X,Y,X.Unlock all Elite ArmorOn the main menu press these buttons......CLICK IN THE LEFT JOYSTICK TWICE, THEN CLICK THE RIGHT JOYSTICK COUNTER CLOCKWISE ON THE RIGHT, THEN PRESS RIGHT A,X,Y, DOWN, LEFT, Y,X,Y, RIGHT, DOWN, UP.Infinite AmmoIn game (not matchmaking) type in the following code.......(D-pad) UP, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, Y,X,A,X,A, DOWN, UP, RIGHT, RIGHT, DOWN, UP, Y,X, RIGHT BUMPER, LEFT TRIGGER, START.

It seems that the game has a glitch, which doesn't reset the "kills without being caught" meter at every reload. May as well exploit it.Contributed By: halo824 3 3Overloading objects on the map XBOXIt is possible to overload certain objects in many of the Halo 2 Multiplayer Maps. By overloading I mean removing it from the map altogether. You can overload most anything that is not actually connected to the map itself. Please note that it seems that you will need at least 8 others for this to work. The easiest example is in Zanzibar. There is a bridge that you can knock down to easily get to the sword on the large spinning wheel. Knock the bridge down and run to the end where it is squared off. You and all your teammates should bunch up as close as possible in the corner and look straight down at your feet. Make sure everyone is looking down and the bridge should overload and disappear. It will be gone for the remainder of the game/round. You can also use this overloading glitch on Midship(on the floating platform) and Headlong(there are two places in Headlong...the hanging construction beam and the hanging platform right next to the beam....however you may need around 12 others to overload that platform). These are the ones I have seen myself but there may be others in other maps so good luck hunting!!Contributed By: Sephiroth0327 4 4Skip tough Brute battle before the end boss XBOXWhen you are flying around in the Banshee during the final level when you are giving support to your ally. You can skip directly to the final boss sequence if you are still in the Banshee after te door gets blown open. Fly to the right of the control centre building and aim towards the bottom right and if you fly close enough you should get a white screen indicating that you have started the cutscene. When it's over you will be at the final boss without fighting your way to him.Contributed By: vitz 10 1Unlimited Sword Ammo XBOXYou can do this in any two-part Campaign missions (i.e. Outskirts and Metropolis). If you finish the first level of the two-part mission with a sword with no ammo, you'll start the next level with a sword that has unlimited ammo. Though the sword doesn't show up when you arm it, it still makes all of the sound effects and acts exactly like a normal sword.Contributed By: NikoreJM 15 3UnlockablesAcheivements PCComplete the following tasks to earn the desired achievement. Note that these only work on the PC version; they will NOT work in the Xbox version.UnlockableHow to Unlock(Campaign level goes here) (30 each)Complete each level (seperate achievements) on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary. There are 13 levels (not counting tutorial) for a total of 390 points.Air Traffic Control (20)Blow up the Banshee in flight while manned, with grenades or the rocket launcherAssassin (10)Melee an opponent from behindBonecracker (10)Hit and kill an opponent from behindCarjacking (5)Steal an occupied vehicle from an opponent and take it overCounterpoint (5)Kill the sword carrierDecorated Soldier (10)Get awarded at least 8 different medals in one non-team gameDemon (25)Complete any level without dying. The tutorial level does not count.Double Kill (20)Kill 2 opponents within 4 secondsGo Ape Shiv (20)Kill an enraged, berserk Brute by meleeHero (50)Complete the game on Heroic difficultyHired Gun (20)If you know someone in the game who has completed the game on Legendary, then kill him.Killing Spree (20)Kill 5 opponents in a row in the same game, without dyingKilltacular (20)4 opponentsKing of the Scrab (20)Aquire the Scrab gun on the Metropolis levelLegend (50)Complete the game on Legendary difficultyNinja (20)In a non-team game, kill 5 people by melee, from behindRainman (25)Play every game variant, with at least 3 other players, until the end of the gameRoadkill (10)Run over, hit and kill an opponent with a vehicleRunning Riot (20)10 opponents, same conditionSkewer Stopper (20)Kill the sword carrier, after he/she has killed 5 or more opponents in a row with the swordSlient but Deadly (20)Kill 7 enemies in a row without being spottedStick It (5)Stick an opponent (MP) with a plasma grenade and blow them upTriple Kill (20)3 opponentsVigilante (10)End someone's killing spree.Violent Cartographer (25)Play every default map and stay in the game until it's overWarrior (100)Complete the game on Normal difficultyContributed By: tjoeb123 4 6Multiplayer Map- Foundation via Xbox Live XBOXBungie has decided to give the multiplayer map to anyone who signs on via Xbox Live. You will be prompted with an update as soon as you try to sign on. The update will unlock the map, improve support for 480p resolution display's, and speed up wait times in matchmaking.Contributed By: Jon3185 9 2Easter EggsAngry Mode XBOXWhen you are the Master Chief trying to recover the index from the Prophet of Truth on the Covenant Holy City go until you reach the first outdoor area with dirt and vegetation. Take a right as you enter this room and run up to the wall past the gravity lift that leads up to the sniper point. Get on top of the wall by going up the dirt mound on your left. Follow the wall until you reach the floating skull called "Angry". This skull makes enemies fire at a faster rate.Contributed By: RagnarJarlsson 8 2Assassins Mode XBOXA skull similar to the one that activates blind mode can be found if you Start on "regret". After the first lift ride (before the first underwater elevator), grenade jump from the front awning of the lift to the ledge in front of you (the one with two turrets).

Contributed By: cryptlordpwns 3 1The Face of Chris XBOXOn the map Containment, get a sniper rifle and go anywhere where you can see the part of the Halo in the sky that's closest to the Sun Base (the base with orange-yellow glowing buildings). Zoom in with the sniper on the part of the halo that's just below where it begins to get dark. In the clouds you should be able to see the face of Chris Carney (grinning happily), one of Bungie's developers.Contributed By: Silent_Oblivon 5 0Thunderstorm Mode XBOXOn the level "Cario Station" on legendary, make your way to the "Priority Shift" checkpoint. Progress until the room with mounted plasma turrets, right after the armory with the Elites. Clear out this room, and get on the raised area with the plasma turret that is on the side of the wall where the window curves. Look for two parallel beams on the ledge above. Climb up the supports for these beams and crouch jump up onto the upper ledge, then onto the beams themselves. Walk in the direction you came from and there will be a small ledge sticking out to the left, jump on it and pick up the Thunderstorm Skull from inside the trash container. This turns all Covenants into their spec ops rank.Contributed By: harvest_master 2 1Unknown Skull XBOXAt the begining "Armory" wait in the room until the Sarge starts telling you to get into the elevator. You MUST wait for him to say "Would it help if I said please?" When he says this, get into the elevator and go down to the tram. Get on the tram and face towards the INSIDE of the building. Press up against the glass doors towards the inside of the building. You should hold 'X' down, and you should pick up the skull. It's on a stack of green crates, near the end of the tram ride. Contributed By: cryptlordpwns 4 0Weird Window Reflections on Headlong XBOXIn Headlong, grab a banshee and fly to the part of the level with water. On the same side as the Warthogs spawn, almost at the end of the level itself, there are some windows. Look closely at them, they aren't reflecting the other side of the level, but showing concept art for Halo 2. (A would-be human city at night)Contributed By: Kou_Slayer 4 0Why am I here? Message in Beaver Creek XBOXThis easter egg is very simple. Go to beaver creek. Run to where the sniper rifle spawns. Jump up on to the ledge in front of you and push all of the rocks down. When you push the big rock down loook at the wall that was behind of it. If you look carefully, you should see "Why am I here?" Scratched in to the wall. (Note: if you can not see it then back away from the wall some and it should look much clearer.) Contributed By: SuperLuigiBros1 4 0Zanibar Computer Screen XBOXOn Zanzibar, after you open the gate the computer screen (used to open the gate) changes. When you zoom in on the words you can read how to fix your computer and some other gagsContributed By: Dukenuke001 4 0SecretsBanshee In The Control Room XBOXTo get a Banshee inside the room where you fight Tartarus first get a Banshee. After the Scarab destroys the front door fly inside and go straight up as soon as you enter. It's easy to navigate to the next door, get out of your Banshee and make the door open, then get back in your Banshee and fly through. Once the Brutes come through the next door you can kill them or fly past them, but it is important that you are not in your Banshee when the cut scene starts to make sure it is there when you walk back.Contributed By: Ipban 4 0Changing Split Screen Type XBOXThe multiplayer split screen type is determined by the video settings on the Xbox dashboard. For Horizontal split screen, the Xbox must be in fullscreen mode. For Vertical split screen, the Xbox must be in widescreen mode.Contributed By: HellKnightX 4 0Get a Scarab Gun XBOXThis is done on the level Metropolis and is easiest when done on Co-op. When you start out, cross the bridge. Take out every enemy and even your marines. When you're near the end, Cortana will say something about a "Welcome Party". Three Banshees and a few ghosts will appear. Take them all out. Then 2 Wraiths and 2 Banshees will appear. Take out both Wraiths, and only one Banshee. Have Player 1 continue through the tunnel, but have Player 2 stay outside and distract the Banshee. Once Player 1 reaches the area with the circular opening (a Jackal with a Beam rifle is present), take out the Jackal and head back to where Player 2 is. 041b061a72


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