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The Feldman Method Pdf Download

The Feldman Method: A Guide to the World's Greatest Insurance Salesman

Ben Feldman (1912-1993) was a legendary figure in the insurance industry, who sold over $1.8 billion worth of life insurance policies in his 50-year career. He was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the most outstanding salesman in history, and his techniques and philosophy have been widely studied and emulated by salespeople across various fields. In this article, we will explore the Feldman method, a series of strategies and principles that made him the best in his business.

What is the Feldman Method?

The Feldman method is not a single formula or technique, but rather a collection of practices and habits that Ben Feldman developed and refined over his career. Some of the key elements of the Feldman method are:


  • Preparation: Feldman was a firm believer in doing his homework before meeting with a prospect. He would research the prospect's background, financial situation, needs, goals, and interests, and tailor his presentation accordingly. He would also prepare visual aids, such as charts, graphs, and illustrations, to make his proposals more clear and convincing.

  • Persistence: Feldman was known for his relentless follow-up and persistence in pursuing his prospects. He would not give up after one or two rejections, but would keep in touch with them until they agreed to buy or asked him to stop. He would also use various techniques to overcome objections, such as asking questions, telling stories, using analogies, and offering guarantees.

  • Personality: Feldman had a charismatic and friendly personality that made him likable and trustworthy to his prospects. He would use humor, compliments, anecdotes, and personal touches to build rapport and establish a connection with them. He would also listen attentively to their concerns and desires, and show empathy and sincerity in addressing them.

  • Passion: Feldman had a genuine passion for his product and his profession. He believed that life insurance was a valuable and noble service that could protect families and businesses from financial hardship. He also loved the challenge and satisfaction of selling, and considered it an art form. He would convey his enthusiasm and conviction to his prospects, and inspire them to take action.

Where can I learn more about the Feldman Method?

If you are interested in learning more about the Feldman method, there are several resources available online. One of them is [The Feldman Method], a book by Andrew H. Thomson that details the words and working philosophy of Ben Feldman. The book contains examples of Feldman's presentations, closes, power phrases, and stories that illustrate his techniques. The book is available for purchase on [Blurb], or you can download a PDF version from [Open Library].

Another resource is [Teaching For Art Criticism: Incorporating Feldmans Critical Analysis Model], a research paper by Rina Karna that applies the Feldman method to art criticism. The paper shows how Feldman's model of art criticism can be used to teach students how to analyze artworks using four steps: description, analysis, interpretation, and evaluation. The paper also provides examples of students' artworks and critical analyses using the Feldman method. You can download the PDF version of the paper from [ERIC].


The Feldman method is a proven and powerful way of selling life insurance that can be adapted to other fields and products. By following the principles and practices of Ben Feldman, you can improve your sales skills and results, and achieve your goals. To learn more about the Feldman method, you can read [The Feldman Method] by Andrew H. Thomson or [Teaching For Art Criticism: Incorporating Feldmans Critical Analysis Model] by Rina Karna.


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