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Download The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2022 and Laugh Along with the Celebrity Panellists

The Big Fat Quiz of the Year is a British television programme that airs on Channel 4. It is an annual event in which a panel of celebrities answer questions on current events, popular culture, and general knowledge from the past year. The show is presented by Jimmy Carr, and typically features a mix of comedians, actors, and other public figures as panelists. The Big Fat Quiz of the Year is known for its humorous and lighthearted approach to quizzing, and is a popular and long-running programme in the UK.

In 2016, ten years after Goma's appearance, the incident was named as one of the BBC's most memorable interview bloopers, and some outlets noted that Goma's prediction that more people would be using the Internet to download music and other media they want was largely correct.[2][14][15]

big fat quiz of the year 2022 download

That said, it was the first year since 2019 when our lives weren't left in the lurch by Covid. And England didn't disgrace themselves at the World Cup. If you were asleep for most of 2022, fair enough. If you weren't give our fat(ish) end-of-year quiz a spin.


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