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Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan - Where to Find and How to Read the EPUB Version of the Book

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan - A Must-Read for Fans of the Game and the Saga

If you are a fan of Star Wars, especially the video game series Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars: The Old Republic, you might have heard of a character named Revan. He is one of the most iconic and influential characters in the Star Wars universe, with a complex and compelling story that spans thousands of years. But did you know that there is a book that tells his story in more detail than any game or movie? That book is Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan, written by Drew Karpyshyn, who also wrote the first Knights of the Old Republic game. In this article, we will tell you what this book is about, why it is worth reading, and how you can download it as an EPUB file for free.

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The Story of Revan - From Hero to Villain and Back Again

Revan is a character who has played many roles in his life. He was a Jedi Knight who fought against the Mandalorians, a Sith Lord who waged war against the Republic, a redeemed hero who saved the galaxy from a greater evil, and a prisoner who faced his ultimate destiny. His story is full of twists and turns, surprises and revelations, betrayals and sacrifices. Here are some of the highlights of his story:

Revan's Role in the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War

Revan was a young Jedi who lived during the time of the Old Republic, about 4,000 years before the events of the movies. He was a charismatic leader who rallied many Jedi to join him in fighting against the Mandalorians, a warlike race that invaded the Republic. He led his forces to victory after victory, but at a great cost. He became more ruthless and aggressive, using questionable tactics and disregarding civilian casualties. He also discovered a mysterious Sith artifact that corrupted him with the dark side of the Force.

After defeating the Mandalorians, Revan disappeared into unknown space with his friend and apprentice Malak. They returned as Sith Lords, leading a massive fleet of warships against their former allies. They conquered many worlds and killed many Jedi, until a young Jedi named Bastila Shan captured Revan and brought him to the Jedi Council. The Council erased Revan's memories and gave him a new identity, hoping to redeem him from the dark side.

Revan's Memory Loss and Quest for Redemption

Revan woke up on a Republic ship with no recollection of his past. He joined forces with Bastila, who claimed to be his ally, and a ragtag group of companions, including a Wookiee, a Twi'lek, a droid, and a Mandalorian. They embarked on a quest to find the Star Forge, a powerful Sith weapon that Revan had used to create his fleet. Along the way, Revan rediscovered his Force abilities and learned more about his past. He also faced a choice: to embrace the light side or the dark side, to save the Republic or destroy it, to love Bastila or betray her.

Revan ultimately chose the light side and defeated Malak, who had betrayed him and taken over as the Dark Lord of the Sith. He destroyed the Star Forge and became a hero of the Republic once again. He married Bastila and settled down for a peaceful life. But he was haunted by nightmares of his past and a mysterious threat that lurked in the shadows.

Revan's Encounter with the Sith Emperor and His Fate

Revan realized that he had not destroyed the true Sith Empire, but only a splinter faction led by Malak. The real Sith Empire was hidden in the far reaches of the galaxy, ruled by an ancient and immortal Sith Emperor who had manipulated Revan and Malak into becoming his pawns. Revan decided to leave his wife and child behind and go after the Emperor, hoping to stop him from launching a full-scale invasion of the Republic.

Revan teamed up with another Jedi named Meetra Surik, who was also known as the Jedi Exile. She had fought alongside Revan in the Mandalorian Wars, but had been exiled by the Jedi Council for following him to war. They also allied with a Sith Lord named Lord Scourge, who was secretly plotting against the Emperor. Together, they infiltrated the Sith Empire and confronted the Emperor in his throne room.

However, their plan failed. The Emperor proved to be too powerful for them to defeat. He killed Surik and captured Revan, while Scourge betrayed them and became the Emperor's loyal servant. The Emperor tortured Revan for 300 years, trying to break his mind and extract his secrets. But Revan resisted, using his connection to the Force and his love for Bastila to keep him sane. He also managed to influence the Emperor's mind subtly, delaying his plans for invasion.

Revan was eventually freed by a group of Republic heroes who raided the Emperor's prison. He rejoined the fight against the Sith Empire, leading a strike team to destroy a superweapon called the Foundry. He also encountered Scourge again, who had switched sides after having a vision of another Jedi who would defeat the Emperor. However, Revan's mission ended in failure. He was betrayed by one of his allies, who revealed himself to be a Sith agent working for the Emperor. Revan was presumed dead after an explosion destroyed the Foundry.

But Revan did not die. He survived as a Force ghost, bound to his physical body by his hatred for the Emperor. He became obsessed with killing him at any cost, even if it meant sacrificing millions of lives. He gathered an army of fanatical followers who shared his vision and launched an attack on Yavin 4, where the Emperor had hidden himself after being wounded by another Jedi named Darth Marr.

Revan faced off against both Republic and Imperial forces who tried to stop him from unleashing the Emperor's full power. He also confronted Surik's ghost, who tried to persuade him to let go of his anger and find peace in death. Revan refused to listen and fought until he was defeated by a coalition of heroes from both factions. As he lay dying, he finally saw the error of his ways and apologized for his actions. He also felt a presence in the Force that he recognized as his son, who had inherited his legacy and continued his fight against the Sith. He died with a smile on his face, finally at peace with himself and the Force.

The Characters of Revan - Old Friends and New Enemies

Revan is not the only character in this book who has an interesting story to tell. There are many other characters who play important roles in his life and in the galaxy's history. Some of them are familiar faces from the games, while others are new additions to the Star Wars lore. Here are some of them:

Meetra Surik - The Jedi Exile and Revan's Ally

Meetra Surik was a female Jedi who followed Revan to war against the Mandalorians. She was a powerful and compassionate Force user who had a unique ability to form bonds with other beings. She was also one of the few Jedi who survived the activation of the Mass Shadow Generator, a superweapon that Revan used to end the war by destroying the planet Malachor V. The weapon killed millions of people and created a wound in the Force that severed Surik's connection to it.

Surik returned to the Jedi Council, who blamed her for the war and exiled her from the Order. She wandered the galaxy for years, trying to find her place and her purpose. She eventually regained her connection to the Force and became involved in another conflict that threatened the Republic: the Sith Triumvirate, a group of three Sith Lords who sought to destroy the Jedi and the Force itself. Surik gathered a new group of companions, including a former Sith assassin, a cynical pilot, a blind Jedi, and a homicidal droid. She also learned more about Revan's past and his fate from his former master Kreia, who was secretly one of the Sith Lords.

Surik defeated the Sith Triumvirate and restored balance to the Force. She then left the galaxy in search of Revan, hoping to help him in his mission against the Sith Emperor. She found him on Dromund Kaas, the capital world of the Sith Empire, and joined him in his assault on the Emperor's throne room. She sacrificed her life to save Revan from the Emperor's attack, but her spirit remained in the Force. She later appeared as a ghost to Revan on Yavin 4, trying to convince him to let go of his hatred and find peace.

Lord Scourge - The Emperor's Wrath and Revan's Enemy

Lord Scourge was a male Sith Pureblood who served as the Emperor's personal enforcer and executioner. He was a ruthless and ambitious warrior who had no loyalty to anyone but himself. He was also gifted with a rare ability to see glimpses of the future through the Force. He used this ability to advance his position and eliminate his rivals.

Scourge became interested in Revan when he learned that he had survived the Emperor's torture for centuries. He saw Revan as a potential ally in his plan to overthrow the Emperor, who he believed was insane and dangerous. He contacted Revan and Surik and offered them his assistance in infiltrating the Sith Empire. He also claimed that he had seen a vision of them defeating the Emperor together.

However, Scourge betrayed them at the last moment, when he had another vision of a different Jedi who would be the true savior of the galaxy. He stabbed Surik in the back and pledged his loyalty to the Emperor, hoping to gain his favor and protection. He also witnessed Revan being captured and imprisoned by the Emperor.

Scourge regretted his decision when he realized that he had been cursed by the Emperor with immortality, forcing him to serve him for eternity. He spent 300 years as his Wrath, carrying out his orders without question or emotion. He eventually rebelled against him when he met the Jedi from his vision: Satele Shan, the descendant of Revan and Bastila. He helped her and her allies defeat the Emperor on Dromund Kaas, but he was severely wounded in the process. He survived and went into hiding, waiting for another opportunity to strike at the Emperor.

Canderous Ordo - The Mandalore and Revan's Friend

Canderous Ordo was a male Mandalorian who fought against Revan in the Mandalorian Wars. He was a fearless and honorable warrior who respected strength and skill above all else. He admired Revan for his military genius and his courage, even though they were enemies. He also witnessed Revan's use of the Mass Shadow Generator on Malachor V, which devastated his people and ended their conquest.

Canderous joined Revan's crew after he became a Sith Lord, hoping to find a worthy challenge and a new purpose in life. He fought alongside him against Malak and helped him destroy the Star Forge. He also learned from Revan about Mandalore's helmet, a symbol of leadership among his people that Revan had taken from their previous leader after killing him in combat.

Canderous followed Revan's instructions and retrieved the helmet from a hidden location. He then assumed the title of Mandalore, the leader of all Mandalorians, and began to rebuild and unify his scattered and broken clans. He also prepared them for a future war that Revan had foreseen, involving a hidden Sith Empire. He remained loyal to Revan and considered him a friend, even after he left the galaxy. He later aided Surik in her fight against the Sith Triumvirate, and joined her in her search for Revan.

Bastila Shan - The Jedi Master and Revan's Love

Bastila Shan was a female human who was one of the most promising Jedi of her generation. She was a skilled lightsaber duelist and a master of battle meditation, a rare Force ability that could influence the outcome of wars. She was also headstrong and stubborn, with a strong sense of duty and justice. She was assigned to capture Revan after he became a Sith Lord, and succeeded in doing so with the help of a Jedi strike team.

Bastila brought Revan to the Jedi Council, who erased his memories and gave him a new identity. She then accompanied him on his quest to find the Star Forge, acting as his guide and protector. She also developed a bond with him through the Force, which grew into love as they spent more time together. She was captured by Malak and tortured until she turned to the dark side, becoming his apprentice and lover. She confronted Revan on the Star Forge and tried to seduce him to join her and Malak, but he refused and redeemed her with his love.

Bastila married Revan and had a son with him, whom they named Vaner. She supported Revan in his mission to stop the Sith Emperor, but she did not go with him, as she was pregnant at the time. She waited for him for years, never giving up hope that he would return. She also raised their son and trained him as a Jedi, passing on Revan's legacy. She was overjoyed when she felt Revan's presence in the Force again, after he was freed from his prison. She contacted him and told him about their son, who had become a Jedi Knight. She also asked him to come back to her, but he told her that he had to finish his mission first. She understood and wished him luck, telling him that she loved him.

The Themes of Revan - Light, Dark, and Gray

Revan is a book that explores many themes that are central to the Star Wars saga, such as the nature of the Force, the conflict between good and evil, the role of destiny and choice, and the meaning of heroism and villainy. One of the main themes of the book is the contrast and balance between the light side and the dark side of the Force, as well as the gray area that lies between them. Revan is a character who has experienced both sides of the Force, and has learned to use them both to achieve his goals. He is neither a saint nor a sinner, but a complex and flawed individual who tries to do what he thinks is right.

The Moral Ambiguity of Revan's Choices

Revan is a character who does not fit into the traditional categories of Jedi and Sith, light and dark, good and evil. He is a character who makes his own choices based on his own moral code, which sometimes aligns with or goes against either side of the Force. He is not afraid to use unconventional or controversial methods to accomplish his objectives, such as going to war against the Mandalorians without the Jedi Council's approval, using a superweapon that killed millions of people, becoming a Sith Lord who conquered many worlds, erasing his own memories to save the Republic from himself, leaving his family behind to stop an ancient evil, or sacrificing countless lives to kill an immortal tyrant.

Revan's choices are not always easy or clear-cut, but they are always motivated by what he believes is best for himself and for the galaxy. He does not seek power or glory for himself, but rather for a greater cause. He does not enjoy killing or hurting others, but rather sees it as a necessary evil. He does not shun or embrace either side of the Force, but rather uses them both as tools. He is not loyal to any faction or ideology, but rather to his own conscience.

The Power and Corruption of the Dark Side

, mind control, and even immortality. But it also corrupts its users physically and mentally, making them more aggressive, arrogant, selfish, and paranoid. It also enslaves them to its will, making them lose their free will and identity. Revan is a character who has fallen to the dark side and risen from it. He was corrupted by a Sith artifact that he found during the Mandalorian Wars, which planted a seed of darkness in his mind. He then became a Sith Lord who waged war against the Republic, using his charisma and intelligence to manipulate and deceive others. He also used his power to inflict pain and suffering on his enemies, and even on his allies. He became a feared and hated tyrant who sought to dominate the galaxy. Revan was redeemed by the Jedi Council, who erased his memories and gave him a new identity. He then rediscovered his connection to the light side of the Force, which helped him regain his compassion and empathy. He also learned to forgive himself and others for their mistakes, and to accept his past as part of who he was. He became a hero of the Republic who saved the galaxy from a greater evil. Revan was also tempted by the dark side again, when he faced the Sith Emperor. He felt a surge of anger and hatred towards him, and wanted to kill him at any cost. He also felt a pull from the Emperor's mind, which tried to sway him to join him. He resisted both temptations, and remained true to himself and his cause. The Balance and Harmony of the Light Side

The light side of the Force is a peaceful and benevolent path that offers wisdom and guidance at a humble price. It is fueled by positive emotions such as love, joy, compassion, and courage. It grants its users abilities such as healing, telepathy, precognition, and even resurrection. But it also requires its users to follow certain rules and principles, such as avoiding attachments, emotions, and conflicts. It also demands its users to serve its will, making them sacrifice their personal desires and interests for the greater good. Revan is a character who has embraced the light side and questioned it. He was trained as a Jedi Knight who followed the teachings of the Jedi Order, which taught him to respect life and uphold justice. He also used his power to help others in need, and to protect the innocent from harm. He became a respected and admired leader who inspired many to join his cause. Revan also challenged the Jedi Council, who forbade him from joining the war against the Mandalorians. He believed that the Jedi had a duty to defend the Republic from its enemies, and that avoiding war was not always the best option. He also disagreed with some of the Jedi's rules, such as avoiding attachments and emotions. He formed strong bonds with his friends and allies, and even fell in love with Bastila Shan. He believed that these bonds made him stronger, not weaker. Revan also learned from other Force traditions, such as the teachings of Kreia, who taught him to question everything and find his own answers. He also learned from other Force users who followed different paths than the Jedi or the Sith, such as Jolee Bindo, who was a gray Jedi who did not adhere to any dogma or ideology. He also learned from other cultures and species who had different views on the Force, such as the Rakata, who used it for technology and domination. Revan found his own balance in the Force, using both sides as he saw fit. He did not limit himself to one path or one perspective, but rather explored all possibilities and options. He did not blindly follow or reject any authority or doctrine, but rather made his own decisions based on his own values and goals. He did not serve or enslave himself to any will or destiny, but rather created his own fate through his actions. How to Download Revan as an EPUB File - A Simple Guide

, layout, etc. You can also bookmark pages, highlight passages, add notes, etc. Here is a simple guide on how to download Revan as an EPUB file for free:

What is an EPUB File and Why Use It?

An EPUB file is a type of file that contains text, images, and other elements of a book. It stands for Electronic Publication, and it is the most widely used and supported format for e-books. It is compatible with most devices and applications that can read e-books, such as Adobe Digital Editions, Calibre, iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, Nook, etc. It is also an open and flexible format that can be modified and customized according to your needs and preferences.

There are many advantages of using an EPUB file over other formats such as PDF or MOBI. Some of them are:

  • An EPUB file is smaller in size and easier to download and store.

An EPUB file is more responsive and


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