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Thomas Jones

He Never Died

I didn't know what to expect from this film, considering the netflix description mentions immortal vampires. I certainly didn't expect this to be a near perfect dark comedy. Seeing Henry Rollins act never fails to bring me joy, he's so god damn intense it's preposterous. Maybe it's because I'm a big Black Flag fan but I loved every second of this.

He Never Died


She Never Died tells the story of Lacey, a socially detached loner, who is cursed with immortality and a never-ending tedium of existence. In her attempts to keep her compulsions in check, she seeks out the darkest souls humanity has to offer, oftentimes facing her own inner demons while simultaneously finding her next meal.

Personally I really enjoyed it, but I can see it not being for everyone. It was good to see Henry Rollins in a leading role, and they are looking into making He never died into a TV show so there is the possibility that he could continue as the character Jack in the same way that Bruce Campbell is playing Ash in the new show Ash vs. the Evil Dead.

Overall, He Never Died is edgy and packed full of dark humor. Rollins kills it as Jack, as if the role had been written for him. He never breaks character and shifts effortlessly between action and comedic scenes. Each character is well developed and bounce off each other. The dialogue is realistic, and as the plot moves along, reveals character aspects and back information rather than filling in time. The special effects are outstanding with plenty of gore and violence to keep die-hard Horror fans satisfied.

The wage earner died December 20, 1975, and was survived by his lawful wife, A, and three children of that marriage. A applied for surviving child's insurance benefits on behalf of her three children.

A week later, M applied for child's insurance benefits on behalf of her two children stating that while she and the deceased had never been married, he was the father of both of her children, and at the time of his death was living not only with A, but also with M and her two children.

It was determined that the deceased wage earner and M were never lawfully married, and moreover never entered into any type of marriage ceremony; that the wage earner never acknowledged in writing that M's children were his children; that co court ever decreed that they were his children; and that he was never ordered by any court to contribute to the support of either child. As a consequence, the only way that M's children can establish entitlement to child's insurance benefits is to prove by satisfactory evidence; that they are the children of the wage earner; and that either:

M has stated that the wage earner had at least four other girl friends and that moreover he was, at most, a transient visitor at M's home. He visited her mostly from 11:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m., at which time he would leave and either return to his home or go to some other unknown destination. The facts show that he was a frequent visitor in M's home, but that he never actually lived with M and her children within the contemplation of the Social Security Act (see Regulations No. 4, section 404.1113).

A disclosed that she was aware that the wage earner was seeing M and several other women, but that he always came home to A and brought his pay check with him. He never asked for a divorce, and he supported their three children. He never claimed either of M's children as dependents of his Federal Income tax return.

Therefore, it is held that the deceased wage earner never lived with M's children; and that he never regularly and substantially contributed to the support of these children. M's children have failed to establish that either is entitled to surviving child's insurance benefits on the earnings record of the deceased.

"I knew Ricardo, and at first wasn't sure that he could carry a film. We set off not knowing and got to know him through the process," says Dickman. "I knew he was a mellow guy and pretty laid-back. In today's age, that can be a bit challenging to tell a story with. He never really got that upset. Any of the things he had to deal with, he never really showed that much emotion. I actually find that likable, and hopefully it comes off the screen as well." 041b061a72


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