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Where To Buy Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing still offers a unique option: customizable training. Unlike many other popular typing software, Mavis Beacon allows users to create a customized training plan that focuses on the areas where they need the most help.

where to buy mavis beacon teaches typing

One of the most popular software programs for learning and improving typing skills, this program's strength is that it is constantly challenging the user to improve their speed as well. And it works, with a combination of lessons and motivating games - all of which are tailored to the user's skill level. Mavis Beacon, your electronic teacher, keeps track of your progress, dynamically adjusts your progress based on performance, and guides you towards becoming a faster, more accurate typist. You can customize lesson plans based on age, typing ability, and progress. Arcade-style games are interspersed with the lessons to help switch up the practice. Summary reports keep track of speed, accuracy, words per minute, goals, and key proficiency, so you know exactly where you can improve. Each time you use the software, you pick up again where you ended previously. There are numerous user settings so you can select your goals, age, keyboard style, and music preferences (you can even import your own MP3 files). The lessons are easy to complete, and a keyboard with semi-transparent hands at the bottom types along with you to show you which fingers should strike which keys. Interspersed at appropriate times are quizzes, tests, and breaks for games to help you practice your skills and track your progress. We have used this program (in a much earlier version) in our homeschool, and found it highly effective, especially in building speed.

In the many years since, she's come to represent excellence in typing, used as a shorthand for speed everywhere from the Tonight(Opens in a new tab) Show(Opens in a new tab) to The Office. As Jim once complimented Pam(Opens in a new tab), arguably one of the most famous characters ever to hold down a typing-centric job: "Mavis Beacon doesn't even type 90!"

The Keyboard Viewer puts a small replica of the latest Apple keyboard on your desktop, complete with two semitransparent hands that show you which fingers to use while typing. While not useful for an experienced typist, novices will find value in seeing where their fingers should go on the keyboard.

Ergo advice and custom lessonsMavis offers more than just quick red foxes jumping over lazy brown dogs. Brøderbund has topped off the disc with information on ergonomics. In the disc's Media Center, you can evaluate your typing habits and get pointers on posture from Bob the ergo human (who looks more like an ergo crash-test dummy). You can watch videos on how to recognize cumulative trauma disorders, how to set up your workstation, and exercises you can do to relieve the stress on your digits. The center also lets you create custom lesson plans and provides a practice area where you retype works of astronomy, fiction, folklore, and historical documents (including, for some unfathomable reason, Richard Nixon's first inaugural address).

If it's been a while since you actually "played" Mavis Beacon teaches typing, you should try nostalgia tripping on it for a while. It scratches the same itch as retrogaming with Oregon Trail, except it's even more educational.

That frenemy was far from the only one. "I thought I read somewhere that she had won a big typing contest, or that she ran a school, or something," a guy named Brent Bynum told The Seattle Times in 1995. "Teachers call in and want to know more about Mavis and where she's teaching these days," Adrienne Hankin, who ran PR for the Mavis Beacon brand told The New York Times back in 1998.

Mavis Beacon is not a real person. In 1987, The Software Toolworks published an instructional typing program dubbed Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, and they had simply used a model to represent the fictitious instructor on the packaging. The first model chosen to represent Mavis was Haitian model Renée L'Espérance. Beacon's name comes from the singer Mavis Staples, whom one of the developers was a fan of, and the word beacon, alluding to her role as a guide for typing.

This reminds me of my experiences of typing on a Nokia N800, which is too small for any human fingers, and you actually have to peck with a stylus. (Unless you use the mode where the virtual keyboard fills the entire screen.) However, I found that my touch-typing background goes a long way -- there is little hunting involved if you really know your QWERTY, so the pecking with the stylus is surprisingly natural. It is also surprisingly fast due to the small range of movements. I guess it also helps that the

Teachers of the Visually Impaired are frequently asked torecommend typing programs for low vision students. This session,based on an inservice I offer for Vision Teachers and low visionstudents, provides tips for using Zoomtext with four popularkeyboarding programs: Mavis Beacon, Mavis Beacon for Kids, Allthe Right Type, and Mario Teaches Typing. Since much of thesession will be applicable to all of the programs, we will lookclosely at Mavis Beacon first. The following topics will bediscussed and demonstrated wherever possible:

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